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Sika® Hydrotite CJ Type

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Sika® Hydrotite CJ Type

Sika® Hydrotite CJ-Type is a hydrophilic swellable rubber sealing made of highly durable material that cannot be washed out by water. It is easy to apply and place on the substrate. Advantage: It is made with a specific shape profile that may allow optimal expansion after placement on the substrate. It is highly economical and adaptable to fit in many different detailing tasks. Sika® Hydrotite CJ Type has the property of absorbing water thus producing self-expansion pressure which closes the water path for effective sealing. As it absorbs water, it expands and fills up concrete joint gaps conforming to the gap variations and thus ensuring excellent sealing. In addition, it is treated with an expansion delay coating to preserve it from the influence of water from freshly poured concrete and expansion taking place before curing of concrete. 

Sika® Hydrotite CJ-Type is packaged as rolls of 10 meters with a shelf life of up to 2 years after the date of production if stored in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.

Usage: Sika® Hydrotite CJ-Type is used extensively in the construction industry for sealing joints between precast concrete units and pipe penetrations.

Prior to application, remove all surface laitance, mud or grease with a wire brush before bonding the Sika® Hydrotite CJ-Type with Sikaflex® Construction. In addition, an adhesive should be uniformly applied to the surface of the first concrete layer. For best results, Sika® Hydrotite CJ-Type should be applied on even surface to ensure good bonding. It is recommended that a minimum of 80 millimeters cover on both sides of Sika® Hydrotite CJ-Type in position.

Sika® Hydrotite application varies among the type of concrete it will be applied on. For most concrete application, it can be applied directly to plain surfaces for the first concrete layer without any groove, but care must be taken to ensure that the strip is positioned in the center of the concrete thickness with adhesive and concrete nails. For joints, the length of Sika® Hydrotite CJ-Type should be joined by butt joints. As there are few holes at the section of the Sika® Hydrotite CJ Type, joints must be carefully bonded to prevent water ingress. For bonding, it is advised to use Sikaflex® Construction as adhesive and insert the unpack Sikaflex® Construction into the caulking gun cut the extremity of the sausage. Put back the nozzle then apply where Sika® Hydrotite CJ-Type to be placed. Lay Sika® Hydrotite CJ-Type profile onto the freshly applied Sikaflex® Construction.