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In every home and building, bathroom is an important space for defecation and cleaning yourself up. Bathroom is a part of a house or building, however, it came with its own problems and it can range from cosmetic to catastrophic. Most common problem can be overlook such as cracks, leaks, wall, mold etc. The concentration of moisture can cause mold to grow, dark stain to show and cracks inside the bathroom, and it can weaken the concrete bonds and react with reinforced steel inside the concrete to create rust and weaken the steel itself. If not build up to standard, it can affect your health and everyone in the building. In addition, bathroom provide a good area for water to stay at a longer period of time after you shower or use the toilet. The retained water can damage the walls and ceilings, causing cracks to show which lead to leakage into the room below. Because of this problem, we would like to introduce you to one of our product, SikaTop Seal 107, this product ensures long lasting protection and prevent cracks forming from retained water, which can cause leaking in the bathroom and the room below it.

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