Condo 11 Floors

Owner: Mr.Seang Somnit

Address: #80,St.136, Sangkat Psa Thmey, Phnom Penh

Produce to use: Sika Bituseal T-140SG

Job: Waterproofing for Roof

Warranty: 5years

Quantity: 121.50m2

Start Date: 23/02/2017

End Date: 26/02/2017

For the past few years, buildings of every size are popping up all across the capital. In particular, residential building and apartment are making its way upward like a mushroom. A considerable amount of buildings are flat-roofed and prone to standing water after heavy rain and moisture seeping from the roof. It is an important problem that needed to be tackled with during the construction.

One of the examples is the newly built, 11 floors, apartment building situated near Phsar Thmey market. It is located within the inner section of the capital where a lot of new buildings are replacing the once, dilapidated 1960s era residential building. PBLCNT’s technical staff was sent to inspect and examine the size of the roof and product for use in the waterproofing solution. In this particular case, Sikabituseal® T 140 SG were used in the waterproofing of the 11 floors apartment building.

The completion of the product application took less than 3 days and covered an area of over 122 m²,  minor defects and cracks that were presented during the application of the product were fixed.

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