Enfant dAsie Aspeca

  • Project Name: Enfant dAsie Aspeca
  • Owner:
  • Address: St : 269
  • Job: installed sikabituseal T 140 MG
  • Product to use: Igolflex R and sikabituseal T 140MG
  • Quantity: 644.35 m2
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Start Date: 14/11/2018
  • End Date: 11/12/2018

Recognized as a public utility and labeled IDEAS, Enfants d’Asie is an association founded in 1991 to enable disadvantaged children in Southeast Asia to build a better future and overcome poverty in the long term, and has been made into several management houses. Enfant d’Asie Aspeca, one of Enfants d’Asie management houses, has been helping disadvantaged children in Cambodia and working along side government-funded orphanages. Around late 2018, Enfant d’Asie Aspeca assigned PBLCNT with the installation of waterproofing bitumen sheet on one of its building.

Prior to the installation of waterproofing bitumen sheet, the flat roof surface was sanded and cleaned. Afterward, our technical staff applied Sika® Igolflex R as a coating under the sheet. Then, the installation of the waterproofing bitument sheet initialized. In this project our technical staff used the Sikabituseal® T 140 MG bitumen sheet.

In less than a week, PBLCNT successfully covered an area of nearly 645 m² of waterproofing bitumen sheet. Before and after the installation, our techical staff checked and analyzed the installation that it was within the required standard, and no water can penetrated through the sheet.

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