The Construction Of Teacher Education logges

Project Name : The Construction Of Teacher Education logges.
Address           : Bathambang Province
Job                    : Waterproofing for Bathroom, WC and Roofing
Product to use: Sika Topseal 107 and Sika Lastic 590
Quantity         : For Bathroom and WC 1000m2 and For Roofing 1800m2
Start Date      : 24-Agu-20
End Date        : 22-Dec-20

PBLCNT Co., Ltd.’s project in Battambang is a large project that uses products including Sika TopSeal 107 for bathroom work with an area of about 1000 square meters and Sika GlassMesh for corner painting. The bathroom protects against cracks and we also use Sika Lastic-590 for concrete roofing work or concrete gutters on an area of about 2000 square meters.

Not only that, this project also received strict and detailed inspection from the Japanese technical engineers.

* Sika TopSeal 107 is Flexible Protective and Waterproofing Motar. It uses for interior and exterior waterproofing and damp-proofing of concrete, Protection of concrete structures against the effects of de-icing salts and freeze-thaw attack, Rigid waterproofing of basement walls in new construction and refurbishment.

Advantages of sika topseal 107:


* Sika Lastic -590 is PU+Acrilyc Liquid applied membrane with improved ponding water capability. It uses for waterproofing solutions in both new construction and refurbishment projects, Roofs with many details, reflective coating to reduce cooling costs.

Advantage of Sika Lastic -590:

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