Condo 9 floor

  • Project Name: Condo 9 floor
  • Owner: Mr. Sal Visoth
  • Address: St : 396
  • Job: installed sikabituseal T 140 MG and Epoxy Injection
  • Product to use: Igolflex R and sikabituseal T 140MG, sikadur 31CF ,52 TH
  • Quantity: 315.725m2
  • Warranty: 1years
  • Start Date: 13/07/2018
  • End Date: 31/10/2018

Located in Beoung Keng Kang 3 district, our technical staff were sent to analyze and determine the problem persisting the building of a new condo building. PBLCNT’s technical staff found out that the building basement and foundation has several cracks and defects. Furthering this problem was that the building needed waterproofing solution from underground water and moisture in the basement.

PBLCNT’s technical staff advised the use of Sikadur® 31 CF and Sikadur® 52TH for fixing and repairing of cracks and defects in the building basement. Afterward, our technical staff checked and verify the newly fixed cracks and defects to be of standard and up to the expected strength. For waterproofing, the use of Sikabituseal® T 140 MG was recommended and used on the building’s basement.

PBLCNT’s technical staff successfully covered an area of over 315 m² of Sikabituseal® T 140 MG. In addition to this, the fixing of cracks and defects to the installation of the waterproofing bitumen sheet was in the expected deadline, with over a week to spare. PBLCNT guaranteed the work of waterproofing with a year warranty in the case that there is a leakage in and around the basement and cracks showing after installation.

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