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Before starting to build any building, foundation must be lay down first. It is an important part of the building, as it holds all of the building loads and provide the starting point in building any houses, high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. However, foundation is prone to water damage and pressure from the load of its structure. This can be detrimental if not calculated right during the laying of the foundation. On the other hand, basement can be classified as part of the foundation, is connected to the building foundation, to the upper floor of the building and the ground beneath. Basement provides additional spaces without changing the layout of the building. Its usage can vary from being a storage area to personal hangout space. However, being underground exposes basement to dirty water, acid, and other type of acidic substances which can weaken the concrete bond and causes rust on steel inside the foundation if water seep in. For this problem, PBLCNT would like to introduce Sika Bituseal T-130SG/140SG/140MG, the perfect solution among others for protecting against water leak in basement.

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