Terrace/Balcony is an important part of a building. Balconies are often used as extensions for the indoor living space, whereas terraces are large open spaces that can be used for many purposes. Both give several advantages for the building such as relaxation space, clothes drying space, gathering space etc. However, they are prone to weather elements, rain and heat can damage the concrete structure of them and causes cracks to appear which water seep through and weaken the concrete lifespan. Furthermore, it can weaken the bond of the concrete with the structure of the building. To combat the persisting problem plaguing terraces and balconies, PBLCNT would like to introduce Sika Bituseal T-130SG/140SG/140MG, a type of torch-on sheet for waterproofing and protection against weather elements.

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Before starting to build any building, foundation must be lay down first. It is an important part of the building, as it holds all of the building loads and provide the starting point in building any houses, high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. However, foundation is prone to water damage and pressure from the load of its structure. This can be detrimental if not calculated right during the laying of the foundation. On the other hand, basement can be classified as part of the foundation, is connected to the building foundation, to the upper floor of the building and the ground beneath. Basement provides additional spaces without changing the layout of the building. Its usage can vary from being a storage area to personal hangout space. However, being underground exposes basement to dirty water, acid, and other type of acidic substances which can weaken the concrete bond and causes rust on steel inside the foundation if water seep in. For this problem, PBLCNT would like to introduce Sika Bituseal T-130SG/140SG/140MG, the perfect solution among others for protecting against water leak in basement.

Building Joint Solution

Whether it is a small house or tall skyscraper, buildings are subjected to weather elements all the time, this causes building joints to expand and contract. In some cases, the expanding and contracting can cause cracks in several areas leading to leakage and weaken the concrete bond. It is crucial to consider this problem when building any houses, offices, high-rise building. It is also important to choose the right product for your building joints. Cheap, poor quality, not up to standard products can create weak seal between your joints, which water can pass through and damage the whole structure of your building. For this reason, we would like to introduce one of our product, Sikaflex-Construction(AP), a type of polyurethane sealants with excellent adhesion, dirt resistance and the ability to be immersed in water after curing.

Swimming pool

Swimming pool is a recreational space where people can come and swim in the clear blue water. Because it contains large volume of water, it is subjected to extreme pressure and very wet. In many residential area swimming pool are built on the ground floor, which is easier and the ground can take up the load of water in the swimming pool. However, the world is changing and residential areas are being taken up by high-rise building. Because of this, swimming pools are being built on top of the building or on the side of it. This can cause a lot of problem for the building, cracks caused by water leak, heavy pressure from the water contain in the pool and damage the ceiling under the pool. If not fix, this can damage the reinforce steel inside the concrete, weaken the concrete at the same time, which reduce the lifespan of the concrete and the structure of the building. For this reason, PBLCNT would like to introduce SikaTopSeal 107, a type of cement for protecting against leaks in swimming pools. This product ensures that your swimming pool would not have cracks that cause by water and provide a longer lifespan for your pool.


The most important part of a completed building is its roof. It serves an important role in providing shades, a passive protection against rain, wind and light and provide a cool environment inside the building. But some roofs are built from heat absorbing materials such as metal, zinc, clay and concrete. These material worn down over time causing holes and cracks for water to seep in. This can cause a major headache for many house and building owner as fixing roof can be expensive and time consuming. In addition, flat concrete roof can easily crack under the constant hot and cold, between day and night, from seasons to seasons. Furthermore, you would not only want great protection for your roof, but also an aesthetic part of your building. You will want your roof to both stand out among other building in your surrounding and durable. To help you with building that experience PBLCNT would like to introduce you to Sika Raintite, a type of acrylic paint use in many constructions of high-rise building and skyscraper. It is durable, great adhesion to most surfaces, non-toxic and weather resistant. It can be use for waterproofing with decorative finish. In addition, it can be use on corroded corrugated metal sheets, concrete and other materials use for roofing.


In every home and building, bathroom is an important space for defecation and cleaning yourself up. Bathroom is a part of a house or building, however, it came with its own problems and it can range from cosmetic to catastrophic. Most common problem can be overlook such as cracks, leaks, wall, mold etc. The concentration of moisture can cause mold to grow, dark stain to show and cracks inside the bathroom, and it can weaken the concrete bonds and react with reinforced steel inside the concrete to create rust and weaken the steel itself. If not build up to standard, it can affect your health and everyone in the building. In addition, bathroom provide a good area for water to stay at a longer period of time after you shower or use the toilet. The retained water can damage the walls and ceilings, causing cracks to show which lead to leakage into the room below. Because of this problem, we would like to introduce you to one of our product, SikaTop Seal 107, this product ensures long lasting protection and prevent cracks forming from retained water, which can cause leaking in the bathroom and the room below it.