The most important part of a completed building is its roof. It serves an important role in providing shades, a passive protection against rain, wind and light and provide a cool environment inside the building. But some roofs are built from heat absorbing materials such as metal, zinc, clay and concrete. These material worn down over time causing holes and cracks for water to seep in. This can cause a major headache for many house and building owner as fixing roof can be expensive and time consuming. In addition, flat concrete roof can easily crack under the constant hot and cold, between day and night, from seasons to seasons. Furthermore, you would not only want great protection for your roof, but also an aesthetic part of your building. You will want your roof to both stand out among other building in your surrounding and durable. To help you with building that experience PBLCNT would like to introduce you to Sika Raintite, a type of acrylic paint use in many constructions of high-rise building and skyscraper. It is durable, great adhesion to most surfaces, non-toxic and weather resistant. It can be use for waterproofing with decorative finish. In addition, it can be use on corroded corrugated metal sheets, concrete and other materials use for roofing.

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