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Sika Waterstop V-15/V-20/V-25

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Sika Waterstop

Sika® Waterbars are flexible thermoplastic PVCs. They are made from high-quality and highly durable PVC, specifically designed for stopping water penetration through construction and expansion joints in concrete structures. Advantage: It features fast sealing capability as soon as the concrete hardens and multi-rib profile that provides impenetrable barriers to water penetration or migration. In addition, SIka® Waterbars can be welded on site without any special equipment or complicated procedures. Sika® Waterbars are packaged as rolls of 20 meters in various types and sizes available for use in various applications at the construction site. It has a shelf life of up to 3 years from the date of production in original and sealed packaging, and is advised to store in a cool and dry place protected from direct sunlight.

Sika® Waterbars is used for effective sealing of joints in structure such as basements, reservoirs, sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, retaining walls, tunnels, and culverts.

Due to Sika® Waterbars usage flexibility over many waterproofing applications, it is advised to seek proper instruction and datasheet. For direct placement waterproofing application, installation may vary slightly due to the placement location over the concrete surface. It can be installed centrally or on the concrete surface. For joint application, install by pushing on the formwork or onto the joint lining. For welding application, the end must be secured into a welding clamp and cut precisely. Then the cut edges must be heated with suitable welding equipment with a temperature of over 200°C, until an even, molten beads of PVC appears. Afterward, the molten ends must be pressed firmly together immediately. 

For safety precautions, it is advised to use proper protective equipment when handling and using the product. It should not be disposed into the drainage system or nearby water sources and soil, properly dispose of this product according to local laws and regulations.