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Sika Ceram®-88

Product Code : 4067020100508

Sika Ceram®-88

     Sika Ceram®-88 is a one-pack premixed cementitious tile adhesive containing cement, polymers, quartz, minerals and additives for bonding ceramic times, porcelain tiles and mosaics to floors and walls. Sika Ceram®-88 is easy to use with excellent workability and thixotropic consistency. It also has excellent adhesion to most common substrates material such as concrete, mortar and bricks.

Sika Ceram®-88 is used for bonding ceramic tiles in continuous thin layers, up to 10 mm thick. Due to its excellent adhesion strength, it is used to replace the traditional method of bonding tiles. It is suitable for bonding various type of tiles such as Ceramic, porcelain, homogeneous tiles, low and high adsorption tiles. It can be used on substrates material including concrete, mortar, bricks, tiled surfaces. In addition, Sika Ceram®-88 can be used on walls and floors, internally or externally.  If Sika Ceram®-88 is used in conjunction with SikaLatex® SP, it can help increase the performance of adhesive to the substrates.

The consumption of Sika Ceram®-88 may depend on the level, profile and surface roughness of the substrate, the size of the tiles and technique of placing.

Before application, ensure all concrete slabs are allowed to cure fully and have a wood float finish. Steel trowel finished concrete surfaces must be mechanically abraded prior to commencement of tiling works. Ensure all surfaces are sound, dry and free from excessive movement, oil, dust, grease, wax, curing compounds, release agents and any other loose or contaminating materials. All dust, loose and friable material must be completely removed from all surfaces before application of the SikaCeram®-88, preferably by brush and/or vacuum.

     SikaCeram®-88 is applied using a notched trowel onto the substrate. It should be applied onto the substrate at a rate of 1 m² per installation. Applying at rates greater than this can result in skinning of adhesive before the tiles are laid.  Once the adhesive is applied onto the substrate, ensure that skinning has not occurred prior to setting the tiles. If a surface film has developed, make a pass over the adhesive using a notched trowel. Rework the adhesive before setting the tiles within the open time. When setting the tiles into the adhesive, use the Tarver Method; press, slide perpendicular and slide return. This method will ensure that any air entrapped between the beads comes out easily at the ends. The final bed thickness of SikaCeram®-88 should be at least 1 mm for wall and 3 mm for floors. Once the tiling works are completed, do not disturb the tiles for at least 6–8 hours.

Due to safety concerns, use personal protective equipment when handling or using Sika Ceram®-88. When not in use, store the product in original container or package and reseal it carefully. In the case of eye contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice and keep the eye wide open while rinsing. If swallowed, it is advised to clean your mouth with water and drink plenty of water afterward. On the other hand, do not release or empty this product and its content into nearby water source or sewage system.