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Intraplast®Z HV

Product Code : 6740020204

Intraplast®Z HV

     Sika Intraplast Z HV is a ready-for-use admixture in powder form, specifically made for producing liquid mortar, filled mortar, rock and soil anchors. It causes the cement mixture to expand before setting by forming microbubbles into the wet mix, the volume is expanded and fluidity is increased without segregation. In addition, it helps reduce the separation of water from the mixture, preventing premature setting and allows a reduction in the amount of gauging water. However, it allows the production from injection grout to thixotropic grout depending on its dosage and the mix design features. It is used to increase cohesion in cement grouts such as prestressed cable ducts, bearing plate, tunnel and rock linings, soil anchoring, precast concrete elements etc.

     Sika Intraplast Z HV produces non-shrink mortar even when sand is added to the liquid mortar mixture. It offers high compressive strength even when there is a high degree of expansion. Increases the degree of bonding, volume expansion in wet condition, impact protection against corrosion of rock anchor bolts.

During application, add Intraplast Z HV directly to the gauging water and mix it with cement while stirring the mixture continuously. In addition, to achieve the best result for prestressed concrete work, a mixture time of 3 minutes with a water to cement ratio of 0.42 is advised.

For safety reasons, do not release this product and its content into water sources such as waterways, streams, lakes, rivers or sewage system. In case of an accident, seek medical attention immediately. In the case of skin contact, wash contaminated skin with plenty of water. On the other hand, flush eyes with plenty of water if the product come in contact with eyes. On the other hand, It is advised to handle this product with personal protective equipment while disposing and using this product. Furthermore, keep in the original package or compatible containers and tightly closed when not in use.