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Planer Model_PPM1015P

Product Code : PPM1015P


     The PPM1015P planer is the perfect planer for planing wood surfaces; if a plank or beam turns out to be one millimeter too thick, too much to sand, or too little to cut, but enough to plane the surface. This double insulated electric tool is designed to be manually operated. It is safe and reliable when in operation. The professional FERM PPM1015P can be used for planing or shearing doors, making rebates and chamfering corners.

     This planer weighs just under 3 kilograms and comes with a powerful machine with a power output of 620W, a no-load speed of up to 19 000 revolutions per minute and reaches up to 17 000 revolutions per minute during usage. It has a maximum planing width of up to 82 millimeters and a depth of up to 9 millimeters, more than enough range for planing surfaces.

     It featured a lock-on switch for better safety during handling. The soft grip on the handle of the planer optimizes working comfort and better handling. Its 3 meters long rubber cable ensure sufficient freedom when working around the workspace. In addition, a side guide is supplied with this professional planer, intended to plane wood at right angles and to adjust any rebating width (0-9 mm). The chisels included with the planer are resharpenable and adjustable to the user option and task.

     The PPM1015P comes with a chisel, side guide, sharpening support and a chisel adjuster. The addition of a stable aluminum base plate, planing surfaces become a lot easier and faster.

     This PPM1015P professional planer comes with a 2-years service warranty.

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