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Radial Mitre Saw Model_MSM1038

Product Code : MSM1038

Radial Mitre Saw

The MSM1038 radial mitre saw is handy and powerful, equipped with the latest technology for both professionals and Do-it-yourself users.

This radial mitre saw weighs just under 15 kilograms, great stability and suitable for heavy cutting. Plus, it has a powerful motor of 1900 Watts with a no-load speed of up to 4800 revolutions per minute; it is powerful, reliable and efficient for every cutting and sawing hard materials.

The adjustable mitre and bevel feature provides a selection of cutting angles up to 45 degrees left and right, while the bevel can only be adjusted to the left with a maximum 45 degrees. The included side supports and material clamp of the radial mitre saw is suitable for working with larger workpieces and provide firm, stable grip of the saw.

It comes with a workplace clamp, laser guidance, and dust extraction. In addition, it is equipped with a transparent blade guard and a handy laser guide for precision cutting and better handling for long duration work. The radial mitre saw is easy and stable to convert onto your workbench. Its TCT saw blade, with a size of 255×30 millimeters (T6), has a maximum cutting capacity of 40×310 millimeters at 45 degrees.

The radial mitre saw comes with a TCT saw blade (T60) attached, a hexagon key, a dust bag, a workpiece clamp, 2 side extensions, batteries for laser and safety glasses plus earplugs.

It is recommended to use protective gear while using this machine, as defective disc and debris can injure the user. Furthermore, it is advised to check the machine discs for cracks before use to ensure safe handling.

The MSM1038 radial mitre saw comes with a 2-years service warranty.

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