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Impact Drill Model_PDM1049P

Product Code : PDM1049P

Impact Drill

     The PDM1049P electric drill is specifically designed for professional use and home use. Its small, compact, ergonomic design is built for maximum performance and handling in workspaces. Created from anti-rust, high abrasive and impacts resistance material, it is suitable for working in any harsh condition and construction sites.

     The drill itself, weight approximately 2 kilograms, has a powerful, efficient and reliable motor with a maximum power input of 710 Watts and a no-load speed of up to 3200 revolutions per minute, is more than capable in completing every task.

     The variable speed control feature and the ability to change the direction of rotation enables the user to choose the right speed and power and rotational direction for the task at hand. In addition, the powerful and efficient motor of the drill provides an impact rate of up to 51 200 revolutions per minute, capable of drilling into various materials easily and quickly.

     Moreover, the electric impact is equipped with a high-quality hex key with lock function, the compact electric impact drill made it easy to change drill bits and chucks. The chuck size of this drill is approximately 13 millimeters. This drill comes with a 3 meters long rubber cable for maximum workability around the workplace, a side handle for optimum handling, and depth limiter.

     It is advised to use protective gear while using this machine, as debris and rocks can injure the user. Furthermore, it is advised to check the machine chucks and bits for signs of defects before use to ensure safe handling.


     This PDM1049P professional electric impact drill comes with a 2-years service warranty.

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