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Electric Drill Model_PDM1047P

Product Code : PDM1047P

Electric Drill

The professional PDM1047P electric drill is compact, lightweight and powerful, designed for both professionals and home users. It has a standard, ergonomic design for better handling and maximizes performance. Made of solid, anti-impact and non-rusty alloy material, it is very durable with high abrasive resistance, capable of working in any harsh working condition.

It has an overall weight of just over 1 kilogram, making it one of the lightest and powerful electric drill on the market. The drill comes with a powerful 230 Watts motor with a no-load speed of about 300 revolutions per minute.

This much power is enough for normal use around home and workshop while keeping it small and maximizing user workability. Its variable speed control allows user to choose the right speed and power for the task at hand with ease. In addition, user can change the rotating direction of the drill bits simply by the direction of the slider above the power button. The accepted chuck size for this drill is approximately 6.5 millimeters, when combined with specialized drill bits it is able to drill through various type of materials such as concrete wood and steel.

The ergonomic design with soft, firm, elastic grip helps with better handling of the drill and does not cause pain or fatigue of the user’s hand during long-duration work. Its 3 meters long cable maximize freedom of movement around the workspace.

It is advised to use protective gear while using this machine, as debris and rocks can injure the user. Furthermore, it is advised to check the machine chucks and bits for signs of defects before use to ensure safe handling.

This PDM1047P electric drill comes with a 2-years service warranty.

there is no data sheet.