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Igolflex® R

Product Code : 6740010901

Igolflex® R

Igolflex® R is a solvent-free, flexible thick film coating based on a rubber bitumen emulsion with a pasty consistency. When applied to concrete surfaces, Igolflex® R provides protection against the penetration of salty groundwater and soil acids. It is easy to use and apply while being highly flexible even at low temperatures, and it requires no mixing or heating and it can be used straight out of its package. It features excellent weather resistance and aging properties with non-sag capability on vertical surfaces. In addition, it provides excellent resistance against soil acids and salts. It is packaged as a 20 kilograms pail with a shelf life of up to 9 months from the date of production if stored properly in original, sealed, and undamaged packaging. It is advised to store Igolflex® R in cool and dry conditions away from direct sunlight at temperatures between 5°C and 30°C.

Igolflex® R is used as a flexible external protective coating and vapor barrier for retaining walls, earth-covered roofs, basements, swimming pools, settlement tanks, etc. It is suitable for use on both dry and damp surfaces.

Prior to application, the substrate must be clean, dry and free of all contamination such as dirt, oil, grease, coatings, which can hinder its adhesion. New concrete, screed or render should have a brushed or wood float finish and should be free from contamination by any material that could impair adhesion. All surface defects should be repaired by approved methods, and protrusions greater than 3 millimeters must be removed. Moreover, existing concrete, screed or render should be well prepared to provide a dense, defect-free substrate.  Concrete surfaces should be mat-moist and free from standing water. Furthermore, brickwork, blockwork, and masonry should be flush pointed.

For application, apply Igolflex® R using a wide nylon brush, sheepskin disposable rollers or using a sprayer. It is recommended to apply Igolflex® R in 2 or 3 equal coats of approximately 0.6 to 0.8 kilograms per meter² depending on application requirements and allowing each coat to dry fully before the next coat is applied. Subsequent coats should be applied at a right angle to the previous coat.  It is not recommended for application in wet conditions or exposed to water until dry. The waiting time between coats is between 6 to 12 hours depending on drying conditions. Furthermore, the waterproofing system should be allowed to cure for at least 72 hours prior to overlaying with screed. For large areas, a polythene sheet should be placed to isolate the screed from the membrane. 

For safety precautions, it is advised to use proper protective equipment when handling and using the product. It should not be disposed into the drainage system or nearby water sources and soil, properly dispose of this product according to local laws and regulations.