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Product Code : 6740020101


     SikaLatex® is a high-performance, water-resistant, bonding agent and waterproofing admixture, made out of synthetic rubber emulsion to be mixed with cement or mortar. It provides excellent adhesion for the cement or mortar. Furthermore, it improves mortar workability with greater elasticity and reduces shrinkage and cracking in the cement or mortar. In addition, it increases abrasion resistance, caused by friction of other objects, and reduces the likelihood of penetration or diffusion of substances within the concrete or mortar. SikaLatex® has a maximum shelf life of 12 to 24 months after the date of production in its original, sealed and undamaged packaging. It is advised to store it in cool, dry conditions, protected from direct sunlight, frost, and contamination.

Because of its excellent bonding and waterproofing properties, it is suitable for most common construction substrates such as grouts, screeds, patch repair mortars, masonry mortars, renders, tiles adhesives, etc.

For application instruction, it is advised to check the substrate surface whether it is clean, sound, free from dust, loose material, surface contamination, and materials, to ensure the excellent bonding of cementitious materials. Next, mix SikaLatex® with the correct amount of water to produce a gauging solution. Then, pour part of the gauging solution into a suitable mixing container. While mixing slowly, add the mortar mix to the gauging solution and mix thoroughly until a smooth, uniform and lump-free mix is achieved and add an additional gauging solution to adjust to the desired consistency. When applying it for acrylic coating purpose, use a brush, roller, soft broom or sprayer to achieve maximum coating on the surface. On the other hand, use a trowel for patching the admixture to the mortar or concrete. It is advised not to use SikaLatex® as a bonding agent without the addition of cement or sand.

For safety reasons, it is mandatory to use personal protective equipment when handling or using SikaLatex®. Avoid contact with eye, skin, and inhalation, as this product can be harmful to human being. When not in use, store the product in its original package and reseal it back carefully. On the other hand, do not release or empty this product and its content into the nearby water source or sewage system.