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Sikafloor® 161 HC

Product Code : 6740070101

Sikafloor® 161 HC

Sikafloor® 161 HC is a two-part, solvent free, low viscosity, epoxy resin. Advantage: It is easy to use and apply, with excellent bond strength to common construction substrates. It features multi-purpose capability and good penetration into substrates, providing high flexibility and ensuring an excellent leveling of the substrates or mortar.

It is packaged in 15 kilograms aluminum drums of set A and B with a shelf life of up to 2 years from the date of production in original, unopened containers. It is advised to store Sikafloor® 161 HC in cool and dry conditions at temperatures between +18 °C and +30 °C.

Prior to application, Concrete substrates must be prepared mechanically using abrasive blast cleaning or scarifying equipment to remove cement laitance and achieve an open textured surface. Weak concrete must be removed and surface defects such as blowholes and voids must be fully exposed. Repairs to the substrate, filling of blowholes/voids and surface leveling must be carried out using appropriate products from the Sikafloor®, SikaDur® and SikaGard® range of materials. The concrete or screed substrate has to be primed or leveled in order to achieve an even surface. High spots must be removed by e.g. grinding. All dust, loose and friable material must be completely removed from all surfaces before application of the product, preferably by brush and/or vacuum.

Prior to mixing, stir part A mechanically. When all of part B has been added to part A, mix continuously for 3 minutes until a uniform mix has been achieved. When parts A and B have been mixed, add the quartz sand and if required the Extender T and mix for a further 2 minutes until a uniform mix has been achieved. To ensure thorough mixing pour materials into another container and mix again to achieve a consistent mix. Over mixing must be avoided to minimize air entrainment.

Prior to application, confirm substrate moisture content, r.h. and dew point. If > 4% pbw moisture content, Sikafloor® EpoCem® may be applied as a T.M.B. (temporary moisture barrier) system. As Primer, make sure that a continuous, pore-free coat covers the substrate. If necessary, apply two priming coats. Apply Sikafloor®-161 HC by brush, roller or squeegee. Rough surfaces need to be leveled first. Apply the leveling mortar by squeegee/trowel to the required thickness. For Intermediate layer, Sikafloor®-161 HC is poured, spread evenly by means of a serrated trowel. Roll immediately in two directions with a spiked roller to ensure even thickness and if required broadcast with quartz sand, after about 15 minutes (at +20 °C) but before 30 minutes (at +20 °C), at first lightly and then to excess. For bonding bridge, apply Sikafloor®-161 HC by brush, roller or squeegee. A preferred application is by using a squeegee and then backrolling crosswise. For Epoxy screed/repair mortar, apply the mortar screed evenly on the still “tacky” bonding bridge, using leveling battens and screed rails as necessary. After a short waiting time compact and smoothen the mortar with a trowel or Teflon coated power float (usually 20 – 90 rpm). 

For safety precautions, it is advised to use proper protective equipment when handling and using the product. It should not be disposed into the drainage system or nearby water sources and soil, properly dispose of this product according to local laws and regulations.