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Angle Grinder Model_AGM1095P

Product Code : AGM1095P

Angle Grinder

     The AGM1095P Angle Grinder is compact, powerful and adapts perfectly for every grinding situation. It is designed for both professionals and do-it-yourself users. With this powerful angle grinder, you can handle almost every grinding challenge imaginable. It can be used for cutting, polishing and sharpening tools as the disc can be changed to fit certain situations at the work site.

     Its motor provides up to 950 watts of power with little to no vibration, making it easier to operate and handle. Furthermore, The grinding disc of this compact machine has a diameter of 125 mm and is particularly suitable for grinding and deburring of metal, stone and even concrete. In addition, the disc can be changed quickly and easily using the spindle lock and the supplied spanner.

  •      It features electronic restart protection against sudden power lost while the machine is still operating, a lock-on switch, spindle lock and adjustable open safety guard for further protection against disc fragments. In addition, it has a durable, 3 meters long, rubber cable providing sufficient freedom of movement during work. Furthermore, the 2-position adjustable soft grip side handle, supplied with the machine, gives you optimum control during grinding tasks.
  •      It is recommended to use protective gear while using this machine, as defective disc and debris can injure the user. Furthermore, it is advised to check the machine discs for cracks before use to ensure safe handling.
  • This AGM1095P Angle Grinder comes with a 2-years service warranty.

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