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Sika Tile Grout®

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Sika Tile Grout®

     Sika Tile Grout® is a pre-packed, one component, tile grout combining cement with selected pigment and several admixtures. It is used to fill the spaces between tiles, provide stability and aesthetic function. It is a fine powder, requiring only an addition of water to produce a smooth paste suitable for grouting ceramic tiles and similar applications. It contains selected hydraulic binders, organic binders, waterproofing compounds, and inert hard aggregates. It has a shelf life of approximately 12 months in its original, unopened and well-sealed container. It is advised to store it away from moisture, heat, and sunlight.

     In addition, it is formulated as waterproofing grout suitable for filling spaces of homogeneous tile, ceramic tile, marble, granite, mosaic, and natural stone, over a range of applications such as floors and walls, internally and externally. Because of its properties, it is mostly used in filling spaces in kitchens, swimming pools, and bathrooms. The application consumption rate may vary due to the type, size, and spacing between the ceramic tiles.

During application, apply Sika Tile Grout® to the space between ceramic tiles using a sponge or pieces of soft cloth, then work the paste into the joints and edges. Afterward, remove any surplus grout and polish the tiles using dry cloth.

For safety reasons, use personal protective equipment when handling or using Sika Tile Grout®. When not in use, store the product in its original container and reseal it carefully. In the case of eye contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice and keep the eye wide open while rinsing. If swallowed, it is advised to clean your mouth with water and drink plenty of water afterward. On the other hand, do not release or empty this product and its content into the nearby water source or sewage system.