Swimming pool

Swimming pool is a recreational space where people can come and swim in the clear blue water. Because it contains large volume of water, it is subjected to extreme pressure and very wet. In many residential area swimming pool are built on the ground floor, which is easier and the ground can take up the load of water in the swimming pool. However, the world is changing and residential areas are being taken up by high-rise building. Because of this, swimming pools are being built on top of the building or on the side of it. This can cause a lot of problem for the building, cracks caused by water leak, heavy pressure from the water contain in the pool and damage the ceiling under the pool. If not fix, this can damage the reinforce steel inside the concrete, weaken the concrete at the same time, which reduce the lifespan of the concrete and the structure of the building. For this reason, PBLCNT would like to introduce SikaTopSeal 107, a type of cement for protecting against leaks in swimming pools. This product ensures that your swimming pool would not have cracks that cause by water and provide a longer lifespan for your pool.

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