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Cordless Drill Model_CDM1122P

Product Code : CDM1122P

Cordless Drill

     The professional CDM1122P cordless drill is the perfect combination of quality, power, and versatility. The power tool is ergonomic and compact, focusing on versatility and user workability. Due to the two speeds setting and adjustable torque, the machine is very suitable for precision drilling in any material.

     This power tool comes with a soft grip for better handling, an integrated LED work light for better workability of your workplace, 2 batteries, 2 screwdrivers bits, charger, storage case and a metal single-sleeve chuck of 13 millimeters. In addition, the 2 strong Li-Ion batteries feature an indicator light and a fast charger with a charging time of only 70 minutes.

     Its 18 Volts electric motor, with a maximum torque of 50Nm, is powerful, efficient and versatile, capable of delivering sufficient power for professional and do-it-yourself use. It also has an adjustable torque setting of 23 steps and two mechanical speed settings with a maximum no-load speed of 400 RPM per minute and 1400 RPM per minute respectively. In addition, it comes with 2 2.0 Ampere, 18V batteries and a fast charger. This cordless drill has a screwing depth capacity of 10 mm. The maxing drilling depth is 6 mm in steel and 19 mm in wood.

     By rotating the torque adjustment ring, screws can be driven to a predetermined depth, which is ideal for repetitive work. The higher the number, the more torque will be transmitted. Select a low setting for small screws or soft work material and a higher setting for large screws, hard work materials and when removing screws. It is advised to choose the lowest setting for driving screws, unless it is not sufficient to tighten the screw into the hole that higher setting should be chosen.

     It is recommended to use protective gear while using this machine, as debris and dust can get into eyes. Furthermore, it is advised to check the drill before use to ensure safe handling.

     This CDM1122P cordless drill comes with a 2-years service warranty.

there is no data sheet.

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