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  • Sika Waterbars

    Code: 0028

    Flexible PVC (Thermoplastic) waterstops to seal construction and expansion joints Use: For the effective sealing of concrete construction and expansion joints in structures such as: • Basements, water reservoirs, sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, retaining walls, lift shafts, tunnel, etc. Advantages: • Sealing starts as soon as the concrete has hardended • Multi rib profile provides impenetrable barriers to water migration. • Can be easily site welded. • Good chemical resistance.
  • Sika Bituseal

    Code: 0027

    Torch-on sheet waterproofing membrane Use: • Waterproofing and damp-proofing of the exterior walls of basements against pecolating water and damp soil. • Waterproofing of retaining walls, flat roofs under protective layers or ballast, flat and exposed roofs and under tiles, balconies/ terraces under tiles. Advantages: • Resistant to aging and weathering. • Good tensile strength and elongation. • High resistance to water vapor. • Good dimensional stability. • Flexible at low temperatures. • Easy to install with the torch-on method. • Suitable as top layer for multi-layer installations. • Good resistance to mechanical impact.
  • Igolflex-R

    Code: 0026

    Flexible rubber/ bitumen emulsion coating Use: Igolflex® R is used as a flexible external protective coating and vapor barrier for: • Earth covered roofs. • Retaining walls. • Basements. • Swimming pools. • Settlement tanks. • Primer for Bituseal application (mix 1:1 with water). Advantages: • Ready to use. • Can use with both dry and damp surfaces. • Non-sag on vertical surfaces. • Bridges shrinkage and hair-line cracks. • Odourless and fungus resistant. • Good resistance to soil acids and salts.
  • Sika 102 (Waterplug)

    Code: 0025

    Waterplug Use: It is used as waterplug to stop pressure leaks and seepage through rock and concrete, as well as through joints between concrete and steel (bolt surroundings, ducts, sheet piles etc) in subways, culverts, tunnels, dams, basements, pools, etc. Advantages: • Easy to use and easy to mix. • Very fast setting with rapid strength development. • Good adhesion to all substrates. • Remarkable water-stopping power and hydraulic resistance. • No cracking, practically no shrinkage. • No corrosion.
  • SikaSwell P

    Code: 0024

    Swellable joint sealing profiles Use: • Construction joints. • Pipe and steel work penetrations through walls and floor slabs. • Construction joints in precast concrete. • Construction joints in tunnel segments. • Construction joints in cable ducts, etc. • Around all types of penetrations through concrete. Advantages: • Easy to apply. • Can be applied on different substrates. • With protective coating to avoid premature swelling. • Highly economical. • Swells in contact with water. • Water resistant . • No hardening time required. • No welding required. • Adaptable to fit many different detailing tasks. • Different types and dimensions available.
  • SikaSwell S-2

    Code: 0022

    One-part polyurethane swellable sealant for waterproofing concrete joints Use: Sealing: • Construction joints. • Pipe and steel work. • Around all types of penetrations and construction joints. • Construction joints in cable ducts, etc. Fixation: • Sika® Injectoflex-System Type HP and Type NS. • SikaSwell® P Profiles. Advantages: • Easy to apply. • Good adhesion to various substrates. • Optimized expansion rate, therefore no demage to fresh concrete during curing. • Swells in contact with water. • Permanently water resistant.
  • SikaTop-Seal 107

    Code: 0014

    Flexible protective and waterproofing mortar Use: SikaTop® Seal 107 is used for: • Interior and exterior waterproofing and damp-proofing of concrete • Protection of concrete structures against the effects of de-icing salts and freeze-thaw attack • Rigid waterproofing of basement walls in new construction and refurbishment • Sealing fine “hairline” cracks in concrete structures (not subject to movement) Advantages: • Easy to apply by brush or in thin trowel applications. • No water required. • Very good adhesion. • Protects against water penetration. • Non-corrosive to steels or iron. • Over paintable. • Approved for portable water contact.

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