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Structural Strengthening

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  • Sikadur-32TH

    Code: 0016

    Two-component epoxy resin bonding agent Use: Sikadur® 32TH is suitable for the following works: Provide a bond of far greater strength than the tensile strength of the concrete itself, bonding concrete, mortar, steel, iron, and etc. Advantages: • Easy to apply. • Solvent free. • Unaffected by moisture. • Highly effective even on damp surfaces. • Workable at low temperatures. • High tensile strength.
  • Sikadur-31CF Normal

    Code: 0015

    Rebar anchoring/ epoxy resin adhesive Use: Sikadur® 31CF Normal is suitable for the following works: • As a structural adhesive and mortar such as concrete elements, hard natural stone, ceramics, fiber cement and etc. • As a repair mortar and adhesive such as corners and edges, holes and void filling etc. Advantages: • Easy to mix and apply. • Suitable for dry and damp concrete surfaces. • Very good adhesive. • Non-sag invertical and overhead applications. • Hardens without shrinkage. • Good abrasion resistance. • Good chemical resistance. • Impermeable to liquids and water vapor.
  • Sikadur-52TH

    Code: 0013

    Low viscosity two-component injection resin Use: Sikadur® 52TH is suitable for the following works: columns, beams, foundations, decks, water-retaining structures. Advantages: • A deeply penetrative liquid with high adhesive qualities. • Low viscosity injection-liquid. • Solvent free. • Suitable for dry and damp conditions. • Usable in low temperatures. • Shrinkage free. • High mechanical and adhesives strength.

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