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  • Sika Multiseal

    Code: 0054

    Tearproof and self-adhesive bituminous sealing tape Use: Sealing and repairing against water ingress and graughts in: • Roofs including sheet metal work/ building cracks/ bituminous felts and other types of roofing sheet Advantages: • Very economical. • Good adhesion to many substrates. • Weather-proof. • Self-adhesive. • UV-resistant. • Bitumen-resistant. • Can be over-painted. • Can be applied at low temperatures.
  • Sika Primer 3N

    Code: 0047

    Primer for Sikaflex joint sealant Use: Primer on porous subtrates for Sikaflex® Pro 2HP, Sikaflex® Construction, Sikaflex® 11FC, Sikaflex® PRO 3WF joint sealants. Advantages: • Easy to apply by brush. • Good wetting properties. • Can be applied to mat-moist subtrates.
  • Sika Glass Mesh

    Code: 0044

    Glass fabric for acrylic elastic waterproof A woven glass membrane is used to enhance Sika® Raintile, Igolflex-R, Acrylic Elastic, waterproof membrane crack bridge performance. Use: It is used for roofs and when Igolflex® R is overlapping construction joints, cracks and corner fillets.
  • Sika Backing Rod

    Code: 0043

    Sealants back-up material Use: Sika® Backing Rod is used as a back up material for cold applied Sika sealants to give the sealant the correct thickness. It also acts as a bondbreaker, permitting the most efficient joint design. Advantages: • Easy to apply. • Closed cell, no bond to most sealants, compatible with cold applied sealants (polyurethane, silicones). • Different rod diameters, highly flexible and compressible, good water resistance. • Good temperature resistance. • Odourless.
  • Sikaflex-PRO 3WF

    Code: 0038

    One part high performance sealant for flooring Use: Sikaflex® PRO3 WF is a multipurpose floor joint sealant suitable for: • Movement and connection joints in floors. • Indoor and outdoor application for pedestrian and traffic areas. • In warehouse production areas. • On surfaces such as in the food industry. • Joints in waste water and sewage treatment plants. Advantages: • Movement capability 25%. • Bubble-free curing. • Very good application properties. • Good mechanical and chemical resistance. • Very good adhesion to most construction materials. • Conform ISO 11600 F 25 HM.
  • Sika Boom AP/FR

    Code: 0031

    Multi-position, high expansive fixing foam Use: Sika Boom® AP is used for fixing, insulating and filling connection joints around window and door frames, pipe entries around air-conditioning vents and roller blind housing etc. It is also used to insulate against sound and cold. Advantages: • Multi positioning foam (360º). • High expanding rate. • Easy application with valve nozzle (adapter). • Fast curing. • Excellent temperature insulation. • Effective sound dampening.
  • Sikaseal Kitchen and Bathroom

    Code: 0029

    Multipurpose kitchen & bathroom, sanitary grade neutral silicone sealant Use: • Glass and enamel. • Ceramics and tiles. • Aluminium, steel, zinc, copper. • Plastic laminates. • Rubber. • Stainless steel. • Concrete and grouts. Advantages: • Excellent adhesion. • Great weatherability. • Non-sag. • Great tooling characteristics. • Long term mould resistance. • Interior and exterior usage. • Fast curing.
  • Sikaflex Construction (AP)

    Code: 0023

    One part polyurethane sealant for building joints Use: Sikaflex® Construction (AP) is used as a general purpose sealant for sealing joints in building construction for the following works: Movement joint in precast concrete construction, balcony parapets, bridge cantilevers, retaining walls etc. Construction/isolation joints around windows and doors Skirting wall and floor joints and shutter housings Advantages: • Easy and ready for use • Good adhesion to many substrates • Good weathering and aging properties • High tear resistance • Movement capability 25% • Excellent workability • Can be over painted ISO 11600
  • Sikaflex-11FC

    Code: 0021

    Fast curing one part polyurethane sealant and adhesive Use: Sikaflex® 11FC is designed for joints in the construction industry, particularly where a higher modulus and lower movement capacity are required for joints with low or medium movement. • Connection joints between floor/stairs and wall • Connection joints between floor and machinery, seam sealing/ sealing of pipe ducts/ ventilation systems. • Multipurpose in metal and wood construction work. Advantages: • Very good adhesion. • Fast curing and high strength. • High modulus sealant. • Non-sag consistency. • Resistant to water, sea water. • Movement capability 15%.

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