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  • Sikalastic-632

    Code: 0036

    Cost-effective, single component, polyurethane, liquid waterproofing membrane, low VOC Use: For exposed roof: • Waterproofing of flat and ptched roof structures. • New construction. • Refurbishment of existing structures. • Applicable to new concrete, asphalt, roofing felt, brick tiles roofs, asbestos cement decks (subject to condition and priming requirements) • Trafficable with top coat use. • Advantages: • Cost effective. • Single component. • Moisture-triggered curing process based on I-Cure® technology. • Rainproof after 40mn. • High Elastic. • Suitable for Tropical climate. • Good adhesion to most substrate.
  • Sikalastic-560

    Code: 0035

    Economical and eco-friendly liquid applied waterproofing solution Use: • For roof waterproofing solutions in both new construction and refurbishment projects. • For cost efficient life cycle extension of failing roofs. • For reflective coating to enhance energy efficiency by reducing cooling costs. Advantages: • UV resistant and resistant to yellow and weathering. • Highly elastic and crack-bridging. • Non-toxic and VOC compliant water based coating. • Excellent adhesion on porous and non-porous substrates. • Seamless waterproofing membrane. • Water vapour permeable.
  • Sika Raintite

    Code: 0032

    Acrylic waterproofing Use: • It is useful for complete waterproofing with decorative finish on corroded corrugated metal sheets. • Waterproofing coating on conrete, flat roofs, finishing, sealing joints, laps and roofing, external walls and etc. Advantages: • External weather and UV resistant. • No priming. • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces. • High flexibility, thixotropic. • Non-toxic. • Will not promote fungal growth.

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