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  • Sikadur 42TH

    Code: 0041

    Three component epoxy resin castable grout Use: Sikadur® 42TH is suitable for the following grouting works: • Bridge bearing plates. • Machine bases. • Fixing Bolts. • Crane and rail track. • Reinforcement and to fill cavities in concrete. Advantages: • Good flow characteristics even in thin layers. • Rapid hardening according to grade used. • Suitable for both dry and damp surfaces. • Curing is not affected by high humidity. • High mechanical strengths. • Shrinkage free and hardening solvent free. • Tough vibration-resistant material.
  • Sika Ceram

    Code: 0040

    A waterproof premium modified tile adhesive Use: SikaCeram® is a single component, pre-packed tiling adhesive mortar combining cement with selected grades of sand and several admixtures. Only requires addition of water. Apply for: • Ceramic Tile • Marble • Granite • Mosaic Advantages: • Special formulation with European and American Standard • Special formulated for more bonding strength • Internal & External (wall&floor) • Professionally formulated for swimming pool tile
  • Sika Ceram 150

    Code: 0039

    A single component, pre-packed tiling adhesive mortar Use: Sika® Ceram 150 is used for fixing ceramic tiles in horizontal and vertical surface. Advantages: • Easy to use and apply just add water. • Better workability save 25%-50% of time. • Tile can be adjusted up to 30 minutes after application.
  • Intraplast Z/HV

    Code: 0037

    Extra expanding grout admixture Use: Intraplast Z/ HV is a patented special product for the grouting works such as: pre-stressed cable ducts, bearing plate, tunnel linings and rock, and soil anchoring. Advantages: • Good strength and adhesion. • Increased cohesion. • Volume expansion in the wet state. • Protective action against corrosion of pre-stressing wires. • Durable and dense filling of all cavities. • Increased frost resistance. • Prolonged workability. • Non-toxic and non flammable.
  • Sika Anchorfix-1 & 3

    Code: 0020

    Fast curing anchoring adhesive Use: Sika Anchorfix® 1 is suitable for the following works: • As a fast curing anchoring adhesive for all grades of rebar/ reinforcing steel, threaded rods, bolts and special fastening systems. • The suitability of the Sika Anchorfix® adhesive for the substrate in terms of the desired bond strength, and for the prevention of surface staining or discoloration. Advantages: • Fast curing. • Can be used at low temperature. • High load capacity. • Non-sag even over head. • Solvent and styrene free. • Low odour and low wastage.
  • Sika Tilegrout

    Code: 0011

    Cementitious grout filler for ceramic tile joint Use: Grout for filling installed ceramic tile joints in bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens and all other similar applications. Advantages: • Non-shrinkage and no crack. • Non-sag/ slump (thixotropic) application. • Water, mildew and mold resistant. • Mixes with water only and easy to apply. • Available in different colors.
  • Sika Grout 214-11

    Code: 0010

    High performance non-shrink grout for large volume Use: SikaGrout 214-11 is suitable for grouting works: • Machine foundation. • Rail beds columns. • Pre-casted construction. • Anchor bolts. • Bridge bearings. • Gaps and recesses and etc. Advantages: • Ready and easy to use. • Excellent flow ability. • High strengths and adjustable consistency. • Good dimensional stability. • Impact and vibration resistant. • No bleeding. • Non-toxic and non-corrosive. • Economical and suitable for large volume.

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