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  • SikaRep S

    Code: 0052

    Thin patching repair mortar for very smooth finishing Use: SikaRep S is suitable for the following works such as • Concrete repair especially for vertical applications. • Filling/ repair mortar for voids. • Repair of spelled concrete caused by reinforcement corrosion. Advantages: • Give very smooth surface finishing. • Excellent workability. • Adjustable consistency. • Excellent thixotropic behavior. • Good mechanical strengths. • Applicable in layers up to 20mm thickness (vertical surface). • Non-toxic and non-corrosive.
  • Sika Monotop-412TH

    Code: 0030

    Structural repair mortar Use: It is suitable for the following works: • Restoration by repairing of spilling and demaged concrete. • Structural strengthening by increasing the bearing capacity of the concrete structure by adding mortar. • Preserving or restoring passivity with increasing cover with additional mortar and replacing contaminated or carbonated concrete. Advantages: • Superior workability. • Suitable for hand and machine application. • Sulphate resistant. • Very low shrinkage behavior. • Does not require a bonding primer even when manually applied. • Low chloride permeability.
  • Sikagard-700S

    Code: 0019

    Siloxane based water repellent impregnation Use: Sikagard® 700S is used as water repellent and color protective surface treatment absorbent exposed materials such as: • Fibre cement and brick work. • Suitable for protection against ingress. • Suitable for moisture control. • Suitable for increasing the resistivity. Advantages: • Reduction of capillary water absorption. • Reduces efflorescence. • Reduces dirt penetration into the pores. • Improves thermal insulation. • Can be over coated with solvent based and dispersion coating. • Higher durability and resistance than conventional silicone based treatment. • Reduces chloride ion ingress and movement. • Does not act as vapor barrier.
  • Sika Monotop-610

    Code: 0018

    One component bonding agent & reinforcement corrosion protection Use: It is suitable for the following works: • Preventing continued corrosion of reinforcement in concrete. • Bonding bridge for concrete repair. Advantages: • Easily applied by brush, roller, or spray. • Excellent bonding to steel and concrete. • Highly impermeable to water and chlorides. • Can be applied to damp substrates. • High mechanical strengths. • Non-toxic, alkaline passivizing effect due to high cement content. • Contains corrosion inhibitors.
  • Sika Skim Coat

    Code: 0017

    Powder for surface finishing Use: It is suitable for the following works: • Reinforced concrete surfaces. • Pre-casted panels. • Brick and block work etc. Advantages: • Easy to use. • Can be applied to both interior and exterior substrates. • Durable hard wearing surface. • Excellent bonding to cementitious substrates. • Quick application time.
  • SikaLatex

    Code: 0012

    Bonding agent and waterproofing admixture Use: SikaLatex is a high quality emulsion that substantially increases the quantity of cement mortars that is used such as: • Thin layer patching mortars. • Renders floor screeds. • Concrete repair mortars. • Abrasion resistant linings. • Tile fixing mortars and masonry mortars. Advantages: • Extremely good adhesion. • Reduced shrinkage. • Greater elasticity. • Excellent water resistance. • Increased abrasion resistance. • Improved chemical resistance, non toxic. • Does not re-emulsify, even in high alkaline conditions.
  • Sika FerroGard-903

    Code: 0009

    Corrosion inhibiting impregnation Use: It is suitable for the following works: • For the corrosion protection of steel reinforced concrete structures above and below ground • For repair and maintainance as treatment of demaged reinforced concrete structures where reinforced steel which is according, or is in danger of corrosion due to the effects of carbonation or chloride attack. Advantages: • Does not change the appearance of the concrete structure. • Does not alter the water vapor diffusion capability. • Long-term protection and durability. • Can be applied to the surface of existing repairs and surrounding areas to prevent the development of incipient anodes. • Economic extension of the service life of reinforced concrete structures.

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